Fiber optic temperature measurement systems

Fiber optic temperature measurement sensors

Temperature control is crucial in many industrial processes.

The TS series fiber optic temperature sensors, consisting of gallium arsenide (GaAs) crystal that is mounted on the end of an optical fiber, are the best choice for measuring temperatures in environments with microwave radiation and high-frequency interferences. They are also recommended for high-voltage applications, magnetic fields, and aggressive environments where traditional metallic sensors like Resistance Temperature Devices or Thermocouples may not be suitable.

By continuously monitoring the accurate temperature, you can proactively take corrective action before any supplies are compromised.

Choose our solution for accurate temperature monitoring to ensure the optimal operation and safety of your assets. All fiber optic temperature sensors can be seamlessly connected to our fiber optic temperature measurement devices (FOTEMP), providing consistently accurate and reliable temperature readings.

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Why buy

  • Very high precision
  • Stable and repeatable measurements
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Flexible bending radius 
  • Resistant to electromagnetic and radio-frequency interferences 
  • Resistant to microwave radiations 
  • Versatile capabilities applicable in a wide range of applications


  • Process monitoring
  • Power transformers
  • Medical environments
  • Catheter instrumentation
  • Harsh chemical conditions, including radiation environments

Technical data at a glance

TS2P TS3 TS4 TS5 TST Smart Spacer (Smart Disc and Busbar)
Smallest General purpose harsh chemicals Medical & SFF Transformers
Key features Smallest size, Bare GaAs crystal (300 µm x 300 µm) for very small surface areas, semi devices, and Micro Vials, Non-conductive. Semi Rigid Probe, Immune to EMI/RFI and Microwave emissions, Non-conductive. High accuracy, corrosion resistant, PTFE coated, Compact size, Non-conductive Flexible Probe, Small form factor, Compact size, Non-conductive Specifically designed to be used in oil filled and dried transformers, without air inclusions, Non-conductive Non-conductive accessories used to embed TST and TS3 probes in transformer, busbar and switchgear
Applications General use (universal): RF, Voltage, Semiconductor device and medical testing General use (universal): Food, Microwave oven and RF environment Harsh chemicals and liquid immersion Medical Environment, Catheter instrumentation, semiconductor, Small FF Oil filled transformer General Use: Transformer windings, Bus Bars and other switchgear
Long-term temperature range -200°C up to +260°C -200°C up to +260°C -200°C up to +260°C -200°C up to +260°C -200°C up to +260°C
Short-term temperature range +260°C up to +300°C +260°C up to +300°C +260°C up to +300°C +260°C up to +300°C +260°C up to +300°C
Accuracy +/- 0.2 K +/- 0.2 K +/- 0.2 K +/- 0.2 K +/- 0.2 K
Thermal response 20°C/s 12°C/s 7°C/s 19°C/s 19°C/s
Probe dimension D1: 0,25 mm
D2: 1,7 mm
D3: 1,3 mm
D1: 1,0 mm
D2: 1,7 mm
D3: 1,3 mm
D1: 1,0 mm
D2: 1,7 mm
D3: 1,3 mm
D1: 0,6 mm
D2: 2,0 mm
D3: 1,3 mm
D1: 1,75 mm
D2: 1,2 mm
D3: 3,1 mm
Smart Spacer and Smart Disc utilized with TST probe. Smart Busbar utilized with TS3 probe
Other dimensions L1: 4 mm
L2: 10 mm
L3: 1 – 20 m
L1: 10-130 mm
L2: 30 mm
L3: 1 – 20 m
L1: 15-550 mm
L2: 10 mm
L3: 1 – 20 m
L1: 10-600 mm
L2: 15 mm
L3: 1 – 20 m
L1: 10 mm
L2: 70 mm
L3: 1 – 20 m
Consult drawing
Cable coating Polyimide / PTFE Polyimide / PTFE PTFE Polyimide / PTFE PTFE
Connector type ST ST ST ST ST
Optional Nomex® J-Spacer
Nomex® Disk